Riverdale Academy Honor Roll

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The students excelling in academics at Riverdale Academy have been announced. This covers the third nine week period.

KINDERGARTEN All S’s: Easton Cason, Hasty Davis, Porter Eaves, Ellie Reese Hillman, Xader Loftin and Morgan Moseley.

First Grade: Addison Cason, Maddison Cason, Jonathan Shaver, and Isabella Stephens.
Second Grade: Hayden Cason, Madelyn Chamberlin, Jackson Hillman, Kaleigh Pickett, Joseph Shaver, Chloe Spradley, Jaxon Straight, and Emma Youngblood.
Third Grade: Gavin Franks, Ally Hillman, Abigail Jowers, Makayla McWilliams, Summer Rushing, and Maggie Straight.
Fourth Grade: Tanner Carlisle, Emma Giddings, Hanna Huddleston, Mary Jones, Makayla Pickett, and Charity Wiliamson.
Fifth Grade: Colton Caskey, Chloe Jordan, and Chance Rushing.
Sixth Grade: Emily Cason, Madison Chamberlin, Aliana Greer, Hayden Hillman, Ryder Huddleston, and Will Jones.
Seventh Grade: Emma Clemons, Luke Greer, Emily Kirkland, Mason Murray, and Madden Weaver.
Eighth Grade: Rylee Hodge, Tyler Jones, and Renee’ Prosperie.
Ninth Grade: William Almond, Brennan Edie, and Matthew Seales.
Tenth Grade: Tylar Bare, Adam Bryant, Georgia Dowden, and Heidi Murray.
Eleventh Grade: Emily Hodge, Bailey Legrande, Kaylee Merry, Brailee Vaughan, and Alyssa Woodard.
Twelfth Grade: Shealy Almond, Madelynne Greer, Allen Jones, Benjamin Legrande, and Carmie Williams.

First Grade: Carter Breedlove, Kenna Coleman, Connor Franks, and Jase Johnson.
Second Grade: Madalynn Baxley, Sonny Levasseur, Kaden Mcneely, and Rylan Moseley.
Third Grade: Darcey Bohannon, Destiney Bohannon, Cannon Breedlove, Preston Eaves, and Kendall Sharp.
Fourth Grade: Jaci Carter and Julia Riggs.
Fifth Grade: Malorie Cooper, Ashton Hester, Jadyn King, Anna Mabile, Connor Straight, and Samuel Weaver.
Sixth Grade: Georgia Carlisle, Cameron Hesson, and Jillian Loftin.
Seventh Grade: Benjamin Almond, Austin Cooper, and Collin Hesson.
Eighth Grade: Kaden Cason, Reagan Huddleston, Kenley Loftin, Denver Williams, and Rylee Woodard.
Ninth Grade: Winfred Almond, Austin Giddens, and Noah Wren.
Tenth Grade: Brooklyn Azlin and Bailey Pate.
Eleventh Grade: Willem Legrande, Shelby Lindsey, and Caitlyn Thompson.
Twelfth Grade: Madison Alexander, Josey Cobb, and Kamden Messick.

Congratulations to these students for their excellent academic work from the Red River Parish Journal.

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