Sunrise Service at Abbie Lane

RRPJ-Sunrise Service at Abbie Lane BOTTOM-18Mar23


Retired minister Wayne Spears invites you to come down Highway 71 early on Easter Sunday and enjoy Sunrise Services at Abbie Lane Retreat. Three local pastors will tell the Easter story from themed prayer gardens on the property. And visitors can view the recently erected “Empty Cross.”

Spears laid out the itinerary for Easter Sunday morning. He said, “We’ll start at 7:00 am or about sunrise, local time. We will begin at the Gethsemane prayer garden. Bro. Stephen McAbee of Open Door Fellowship will speak in the garden.”

Spears said, “From Gethsemane we will sing and walk up the trail to the three crosses on Calvary Hill. Bro. Matt Endress of Fairview Baptist Church will speak at Calvary.” He added, “The group will walk to the Empty Tomb prayer garden where Bro. Richard Kaufman of Martin Baptist Church will speak.”

“The whole program should last no longer than 45 minutes,” added Spears. He said they are encouraging people to visit the newly completed chapel and empty cross on their own before departing.

Abbie Lane Retreat is located on US 71/84 in south Red River Parish. It is almost to Fairview Alpha. The retreat serves pastors and others in ministry who need a retreat from the stress of their lives. For more information and to book your church group for a tour, call Wayne Spears at 318-505-8578.

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