ETC… for February 28th



The Journal received this notice from the school board last Thursday afternoon:

“Recent rains in our Parish have made some roads difficult to navigate for school buses. We are aware of these issues and are preparing for our afternoon bus routes. School will dismiss at the regular time but please expect delays in the afternoon bus routes as we make sure we are using the safest possible routes to deliver your child home.”

We also received a recorded message from Hughes making this same announcement. In fact I got the recording on several phones and the message came to several emails.

Now you’re saying that’s spam or unwanted repetition. But the school board has the system set up to notify you in the event something happens involving your children. Not only is the board “over-communicating” but it also says that they are caring about child safety and keeping parents and others informed. And if you are tired of getting multiple calls and notices, you can opt out if you wish.

Here is a note from the Red River Elementary PAW Parents. Yearbooks are on sale. They must be ordered online. The correct school ID number is 15981. The deadline to purchase 5th grade ads is Wednesday. Your child can have a special page designed by you. Get your money in today. Remember you can only order online. No extra copies will be purchased by the school. school# 15981.

Christy Suggs posted: “5th grade parents: buy your child an ad in the yearbook. Embarrass them with those baby pics, congratulations on b-ball, football, cheer, etc. Share your love. “

The parish office of homeland security passes along this scam alert:
Several reports have been received about scam phone calls seeking donations for the “American Police Officers Alliance.” This scam is not new but has just recently been reported in Louisiana.

Phone calls showing 337-573-1261 and 985-273-6238 from a gentleman named “John,” are requesting a donation of $25, $50, or $100 for the “American Police Officers Alliance.” “John” avoids answering his questions directly, but recited the group’s “mission statement,” which is to help our police officers and departments. A call back to the numbers either has a message stating the number is not accepting calls or is answered by a party that is unaware his number has been spoofed.

“American Police Officers Alliance” is not registered with the IRS as a 527C nonprofit organization, and it has never donated anything to a political cause or group. Charity Navigator, a popular website that verifies the legitimacy of charities and nonprofit organizations, does not have a listing for the “American Police Officers Alliance” on its website.
Source: Louisiana State Analytical & Fusion Exchange


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