ETC… for Friday February 16th


School safety is in the news following another school shooting that left 17 dead and 14 injured in Florida. The Journal has observed many safety measures in Red River Parish Public Schools to protect our children.

First there are picture identification tags worn by all students and personnel. This has been a practice for several years. Second exterior doors are locked at all times. Access is by faculty pass cards. Visitors, parents and late arriving students are buzzed in from the office. There are sign in and sign out logs for all visitors and for any student who leaves after the day begins. And each school has a SRO on duty at any time school is in session.

The Red River Boys basketball team concludes its regular season tonight. They host Lakeside. Tip off is 6:00 pm.

Here is the basketball playoffs picture. Thursday night the Red River Girls soundly defeated Ville Plate in the first round of the playoffs. Final was 101 to 48. Red River will play round two at home Monday night vs. Doyle from Livingston, east of Baton Rouge. Tip off Monday is 6:00 pm.

On Tuesday night Riverdale Boys and Girls teams were both victorious. Riverdale’s Girls play Tallulah Academy at 2:15 this afternoon. The Boys play Union Christian at 7:45. Girls championship game is 2:15 Saturday with the Boys championship at 5:15.

Journal Sports will provide live broadcasts of each of these games. Air time is approximately 5 minutes before tip off. You may listen by going to or and click on the button for the game of your choice. Games are also being broadcast on Coushatta’s local radio station KRRP 950.


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