Library Board to Demolish Old Houses

RRPJ-Library Baord TOP-17Jan24.JPG


The Library Board of Control voted this week to move forward with demolition of two old houses located on property recently purchased. One house is behind the library on Alonzo Street. The other is beside the library on East Carroll Street.

The board voted to get costs of demolition and also get cost estimates on building a wrought iron fence around the library’s property. Discussion at the board’s meeting centered on the desire of board members to build a fence similar to the one erected by First Baptist Church on lots nearby.

It was decided to offer the fire department the two houses for training purposes. Almost a year ago the fire department burned the old Thomas house on Baptist church property across Alonzo Street from the library.

Librarian Trey Lewis conducted a tour of the two houses for board members following their meeting. Lewis pointed out that the houses had been gutted with cabinets, bathroom fixtures, water heaters, ceiling lights, and other items removed.

Once costs for the demolition and fence are obtained they will be presented to the library board at a future meeting.


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