Working on the Railroad

RRPJ-Railroad Repairs TOP-18Jan17

The Union Pacific Railroad is updating their track that runs through west Red River Parish. Crews are renovating crossings and replacing the crossties.

On Monday afternoon the crew shown here blocked the crossing at River Road and Highway 1 for a few hours. They were replacing the surface structure between the rails. Another crew was spotted a few miles north. They were working on the crossing immediately south of the big curve and the old Co-op.

Other crossings north of Armistead are slated for refurbishing. The railroad has placed materials at each crossing including piles of rock. Also bundles of new ties were placed beside the track at numerous locations. The UP is working from south to north and the tie replacement equipment was in northern Natchitoches Parish and the vicinity of Lake End early this week.

RRPJ-Railroad Repairs BOTTOM-18Jan17


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