Perfect Attendance Rewarded

RRPJ-RR Industries Perfect Attendance-18Jan3


Red River Industries gives an award to its clients for coming to work everyday. During the last six months of 2017 there were a record-setting number who earned perfect attendance.

Payday at Red River Industries was very special this December. Bonus checks up to $138 were presented to clients who consistently came to work. There were many who earned part of the bonus. However Director Eletha Seabaugh was very excited as she passed out the bonus checks to 13 employees who had perfect attendance.

Seabaugh said, “From last January to June we had four clients who had come to work every day. Today I am passing out bonus checks to thirteen of our clients. They came every day and did their work..”

During the presentation ceremony Seabaugh remarked, “I don’t believe there is another workshop in Louisiana like this. I am delighted that you come and participate. Our attendance is so good. Thank you for coming and doing your part.”

The Journal was surprised at the conclusion of the ceremony, Seabaugh and the staff presented us with a certificate and big basket of cakes and cookies. I said, “I’m just doing my job reporting the news.” But Seabaugh added, “We wanted to thank you for the coverage The Journal gives to the activities of Red River Industries.”


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