ETC… 2017 Year in Review



This has been an exciting year, a rewarding year, a tragic year, and a year that most of us will never forget. The Journal has chronicled it all, “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!” Apologies to Clint Eastwood.

Just some of the other events and milestones we reported on included the acts of kindness of many of our citizens. It seems as if someone is always doing something to benefit the residents of the local nursing home. We are always helping a neighbor in their time of need, or loss, or sorrow.

There are many groups that take care of our citizens. There is the formalized programs offered by the Council on Aging, the Health Unit, the Sheriff’s Department and many church groups. Then there is the less formal work of the Wise Ones Working, the PAW Parents, Sewing God’s Love and the list seems endless.

This has been the Journal’s first year. After much debate and research, the Journal began in January making plans for the first issue. In early February 2017 it was published. Soon we discovered that there was much more happening in Red River Parish than would fit in just one issue on Wednesday. So we added a Friday edition.

Last fall we added Journal Sports and a cooperative agreement with local radio station KRRP to the list of services. We began by streaming and broadcasting Red River High School football games. What a great season the Bulldogs had.

When playoff season arrived, Journal Sports added coverage of Riverdale Academy playoff games. The Rebels had an impressive 7-0 district season and were 8-1 overall. Then basketball season began and Journal Sports was there broadcasting games of both Riverdale and Red River teams.

Thanks to you our readers we have expanded to emailing every issue to almost 1,200 people. On average we serve 8,870+ people each week. The Journal has become the primary source of news for residents of the parish as well as Red River Alumni. And we are truly grateful for you help and support.

Thank you Red River. The Journal promises there is more to come in 2018.



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