A Fire to Clean Up a Fire

RRPJ-Burn Down-17Dec27


When is a house fire not a fire? When it is a controlled burn.

Back on October 29th, Ken Mangham’s home on Highway 71 was severely damaged in a fire. The Red River Parish Fire Department extinguished the blaze. Mangham says they basically lost everything, although the structure was left partially standing.

Mangham conducted a controlled burn to get rid of the remains of his house. That was done on December 14th. The blaze created a large cloud of black smoke that was visible from most of Coushatta. The Journal captured the blaze in the photos accompanying this article.

Prior to setting the blaze, Mangham contacted the fire department and the sheriff to inform them of his planned actions. Mangham said when the blaze had consumed the wood; he planned to bury what remains on the property. He had not made a decision on rebuilding. Mangham said he was insured for the original fire.


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