When Christmas Left Rattlers Canyon

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It was funny and great entertainment for students and their parents. It was the Riverdale Academy Senior Christmas Play.

The premise was the owner of a western town lost the place in a card game to a dastardly ruffian named Big Bad Ben. Then Ben outlawed Christmas in Rattlers Canyon.

The townsfolk would not put up with it. They decorated anyway. And just as fast, Ben took the decorations down. Something had to give. And thus unwound the saga of a Christmas miracle. It included a couple expecting their first child but unable to find lodging in the local saloon, so they had to settle for the stable out back. There were bad guys and worse gals. Then there was the Christmas night of miracles.

Say no more than Big Bad Ben found his real mom and dad. The baby was born to the young couple. And everyone settled down to live happily ever after.

You will recognize the characters in the play from the pictures accompanying this article. It was a cold day when the play was performed at school. But everyone was warmed with the good-hearted humor.

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