Red River Elementary School Holds Social Studies Fair

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The 4th and 5th graders competed in a school wide social studies fair organized by Social Studies teachers Intha Fields and Sherry Pickett. There were over 200 projects in the 6 categories of Geology, Anthropology, Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Louisiana History, and History. Projects were displayed in the gym. Judges interviewed each participant to see how knowledgeable they were on the projects.

In Geology, Tylon Beavers finished first, Breanna Baldwin was second, and Kayden Williams earned third.

In Anthropology, first place went to Sadie and Emily Hammond, second place was Jaskyla Williams and Warren Bowman and third place went to Cash Kowel.

In Louisiana History, Hannah Worsham finished first, Jayden Less was second, and Zachary Thompson earned third place.

In Economics, first place went to Elsy Dominquez, second to Lawrence Robinson, and third went to Alysaa Tingle.

In Political Science Luke Williamson earned first place, Caitlyn Jones finished second and Dawnesha Taylor was third.

In Sociology, first place winner was Kayden Nichols, second went to Reagon Cannon, and third to Cyli Hinson.

And in History, Rafe Suggs finished first, Matthew Shaffter was second and Addison Bounds finished in third place.

The Journal congratulates these winners and all students who participated. First place projects and students will compete in the Regional Fair in the spring.


RRPJ-SocialStudies 2017 (2)


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