Performance Based Teacher Bonuses

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There is bonus money available for the top performing teachers in the public school system. It is part of the TIG Grant program. Karen Squired explained the program to the school board and asked board members for their input in setting program criteria.

Squires said, “We will be rewarding teachers for their performance. We are talking with teachers and principals to get their input. Bonuses will be paid next fall for this year’s performance.” Squires added, “We are thinking of a one-time stipend to the top 10 teachers in grades three through eleven who teach tested subjects. They must have sixty percent of their students score ‘mastery’ or above.”

Board Superintendent Alison Hughes said they will look to maintain the stipend in future years. “The amount of the TIF grant decreases each year, so the money to maintain the stipend would have to come from other sources” said Hughes.

Board member Cleve Miller asked, “What if teachers miss some days?” Squires answered, “If they miss more than five days during the school year they would not be eligible for the stipend.” Hughes added, “We have to do something to curb the problem of teacher attendance.”

The actual budget for the TIF Grant will be turned in during January. The board is being asked for their ideas to go into formulating that budget.


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