Schools to Fight S-T-Ds

RRPJ-School IDBA Policy-17Dec13


The Red River Parish School Board is developing a plan to educate high school students of the dangers of sexually transmitted infections. They are working with the state department of public health on the program, which will be implemented next year.

At the School Board meeting Monday night, Iberia Watsley of the regional public health office about the curriculum being developed. In November, Superintendent Alison Hughes had presented information to the board. Monday the board had the opportunity to ask questions and give their input.

Watsley said, “We are not teaching sex education, we are speaking about sexually transmitted infections.” She added, ”In Louisiana and Red River Parish we have a high rate of infection. Beginning next year, closer to prom season, we will do whatever is necessary to get the information to our young people and adults as well.”

Watsley added that home is the ideal place for kids to learn about this type of infection. She added, “They are not getting it.”

The instruction will not be mandatory. Hughes said, “We will give parents an option to opt out for their children. School Board President Valerie Cox said, “We used to do this when I was in school. I don’t know what happened to it. It is an opportunity to bring back this information for our kids.”

Hughes asked the board to approved the curriculum. Susan Taylor made the motion and Kasandria White seconded it. The motion carried with no negative votes.



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