It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

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An old Christmas favorite song goes “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.” You probably remember Johnny Mathis’ version, or perhaps the more recent rendition by Michael Buble in 1987. Then there is the original and still the best version by Bing Crosby from the 1940s.

However you sing it, it’s true! Look around our town at night. Here are some of the scenes you will enjoy as you come into Coushatta over the US 84 bridge. Other scenes are the new decorations on the parish courthouse and the festive lights that adorn town hall.

The Journal will be driving about, looking for your great decorating projects at homes and businesses. Let us know where you see great festive decorations, or send us a picture.

Next week is a week of festivities in Coushatta. On Tuesday, December 5th, the KCS Holiday Express train will be in town. The announced schedule said tours of the train will begin at 4:00. It will be open to the public on front street.

Then next Thursday it is the annual Christmas Festival. The Christmas parade line-up is at 3:30 in the park. Parade begins at 4:30 and winds from the park to Ringgold Avenue, across the railroad tracks, then down Front Street. It will pass the newly remodeled stage and the Santa House. Later Thursday evening there will be a fireworks display that you may view from Front Street.

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