Sewing For Veterans

RRPJ-Sewing For Vets-17Nov15


There is a very active group in town that goes out of their way to care for others. They have sewn and knitted blankets for nursing home residents. They have worked with children and with the less fortunate. They make knit caps for cancer victims. And for Veterans Day they went all out, making blankets for vets to keep them warm this winter.

They are the group called “Sewing God’s Love” and they meet at the sewing house across from First Baptist Church on Alonzo Street. For the past few months, the ladies of the group have been making beautiful red, white and blue blankets. Last Sunday morning they presented them to veterans who attend Wesley Chapel, First Baptist and First Methodist churches.

When The Journal visited their workshop this week, the ladies told of any upcoming projects they are working on to benefit members of this community. One project is to go to the nursing home and help residents with making Christmas decorations.

If you would like more information please call either First Baptist Church or First Methodist Church. Or just drop by the sewing house on Alonzo street Monday morning about 9:30. The coffee pot will be on!

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