Southern Hill and Springville Smoke Tests

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Residents connected to the Southern Hill and Springville Sewer Systems are being notified by the police jury that tests for leaks will be conducted next week. In its message to residents, the police jury emphasizes that the smoke is non-toxic and leaves no residuals or stains.

The smoke tests will be conducted November 13th through 17th. More information is available from the police jury at 932-5719.

These sewer systems have experienced problems like clogs and back-ups in the past. The police jury has discussed repairs and upgrades over the past year. These smoke tests are to help determine where leaks are and where water may be getting into the sewer system. It is a part of the police jury’s ongoing efforts to upgrade the sewer systems in these neighborhoods.

Jury Supervisor Jessie Davis said, “The smoke tests will tell where there are any broken or cracked lines, if there are any collapsed lines, and if they are properly hooked up in the houses.” He added, “If there is smoke in the house, there is a serious problem.”

Jury President Shawn Beard asked, “Is it clear?” Beard’s concern is “Do they understand if there is smoke in the house then the fix is up to the resident or property owner.” Davis responded, “We will have to shut off water and sewer service to the house until leaks are corrected. There is a danger of sewer gas getting into the house if there is a leak.”

Details of the testing, what is expected of residents, and timing of the tests was included in a notice to residents. It is being published in local media and given to residents of the Springville and Southern Hill sewer systems.

When completed the smoke test results will provide the police jury with an idea of the repairs needed to assure the integrity of the sewer systems in these two neighborhoods.

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