Abundant Life is Planning “Kingdom Fest”

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The annual Friends and Family Day along with “Kingdom Fest” celebration is scheduled for Sunday October 29th at Abundant Life Worship Center. The event will begin at 10:30 and all children in town are invited.

Michele Long is coordinating the event. She told The Journal that they are asking for donations of supplies to put on this year’s program. Their flyer and supply list accompanies this article.

Long said, “Kingdom Fest is being held in conjunction with Friends and Family Day at the church. We need supplies by October 18th, and we are getting together the night of October 28 to do the decorating.”

There will be several event stations set up in the Abundant Life gym and the children will rotate through all of them in small groups. Long said those events include a Royal Tea, Archery, Court Jester, Knight School (each kid gets a crown), Glow in the Dark Party and a Castle Moat (searching for lost sheep). There will be challenges and rewards at each station.

“Kingdom Fest is something extra for the kids to look forward to,” added Long. She said Kingdom Fest will take place during the Sunday School hour, while adults are attending worship service. Long said, “After worship there will be games and activities for everyone, adults and children, and we’ll serve a meal.”

The date for Kingdom Fest is October 29th at Abundant Life Worship Center on Ashland Road. The date for bringing donated supplies to the church is October 18th. Abundant Life Sunday Worship begins at 10:30 am and Wednesday evening service is at 7:00 pm.

RRPJ-Kingdom Fest-17Oct13

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