New Worship Facility Dedicated

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This past Sunday was a milestone day for Liberty Baptist Church in the
Martin community. Their new building was dedicated. Every pew was filled and the service concluded with everyone holding hands in a very large circle around the edge of the sanctuary.

Bro. Harry Bamburg brought the message. He recalled the history of Liberty Baptist, which was founded in 1862. Bamburg said, “I want to thank the members of the church who worked hard and donated funds to the building. They are extremely generous.”

“I remember the first time I came here as pastor in 1995,” said Bamburg “Just look at the changes over the years it’s remarkable.” Bamburg added “My grandfather went to church here and he told me as a boy about the church and the people who go here. I know our world is becoming a mess, but I also know that Jesus is in control and everything will work out.”

There was a wonderful video presentation of hundreds of photos of members past and present. The soundtrack was “Precious Memories” and the scenes depicted elicited many precious memories in those in attendance. You could hear people comment about the past events and people they recognized during the slide show.

Bamburg said, “It doesn’t matter if you recall the old wooden building, or our new shiny metal structure, Liberty is still the ‘old white church on the hill’ we’ve always loved.” He based his dedication remarks on 2 Chronicles 5, the story of Solomon dedicating the Temple in Jerusalem. Bamburg added, “We dedicate this building to the living God, but always remember that our hearts are the real temple.”

Editor’s Note: There were many families with small children who attended the dedication service. There was no nursery to which the kids were sent off at the beginning. The children sat quietly with their parents the entire time.

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