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Red River High School’s first-year head football coach has achieved his 100th win as a head football coach. It came last Friday night as the Bulldogs defeated Winnfield 36 to 14.

Red River Principal JC Dickey went to the middle of the field immediately after the game concluded to present Coach John Bachman, Sr. a plaque commemorating his 100th victory. The whole team gathered around to congratulate their coach.

Bachman’s father, Thomas Bachman, Sr., sent The Journal an article published several years ago about “The Man With the Towel.” Bachman was coach of Calvary at the time. From that article:

Bachman said he was influenced and knew at a young age that he wanted to become a coach. “I was influenced from the time that I was a peewee. Coach Jerry Adams told me to find something that you could wake up to every morning and look forward to going to work. For me that ended up being coaching.”

Bachman said others also influenced his career. “God just put in my life great coaches like Coach Rhodes, my elementary PE coach, and Coach Kenny Cochran, my long time administrator at Caddo,” Bachman said. “They really spoke a lot into my life.”

Bachman said they spoke in such a way that he reflects upon their teachings in his own coaching system. “Their influence in me was just how to deal with young men, set a goal that works for all of us to go after, hold everybody accountable and create a family atmosphere,” Bachman said. “These are some of the things I try to do today.”

When asked how he does try to manage these, Bachman said he focuses on love. “I just tell them they are loved,” Bachman said. “I also remind them that if we lose that it is my fault because I didn’t do a well enough job getting them ready and if we win then it’s all about them and their performance.”

Throughout Bachman’s career, he hopes for one thing to be placed into their lives. “I hope they are in church and serving God,” Bachman said. “I tell them all the time that I don’t want them to miss Heaven. This whole thing is a way little about football and way big about living your life because you are going to live you life way longer than you are going to play football.”

The article is from Louisiana Football Magazine. It was written by Lacy Camp. And the story was furnished to The Journal by Coach Bachman’s father, Thomas.

Catch the Bulldogs in action Friday night at Lakeview when they play the Gators at 7:00 pm. If you cannot go to the game, it will be broadcast beginning about 6:50 pm on Journal Sports. Click on the player at or The game will also be broadcast on Coushatta’s local radio station KRRP 950.

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