What It Was Was Football

RRPJ-Powderpuff TOP-17Oct11


Or was it? The Powder Puff football game, faux cheerleaders, and Homecoming Court that arrived in the back of a pickup truck could be called football. A better description is a farce in several acts played out on a field.

The annual game and show at Riverdale Academy has become a traditional part of Homecoming week festivities. The football players and dance line and cheerleaders trade roles. And that leads to high comedy.

The Journal has provided a few moments from the event. There is a video of the “Cheerleaders” performing their best routine. When you think of it, the participants had to work pretty hard on timing for that one. Members of the dance line who performed at halftime, including a “young lady” performing a flip and catching and reattaching her wig in mid air.

Some serious moments came during the football game. Riverdale students who put on the game jerseys really got into the match. Probably more than their coaches and referees. There were several great runs and a couple of long passes for touchdowns.

Overall it was a great evening of fun for the whole family. And laughter roared up from the stands every time the “cheerleaders” lead cheers. Lots of applause was given to the whole crew.

The Journal thanks Andy Griffith for supplying the title to this article. When you need another good laugh, look up Griffith’s comic routine called “What It Was Was Football.”


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