Cheerleaders Do More Than Cheer

RRPJ-RRHS cheerleaders-17Oct6


Cheerleaders at Red River High School are preparing their homecoming performance. But Cheerleader Coach Alice Everett said they do more than cheer. “We do community service and we are in the process of going to Green Meadow Haven and we’re in the process of having a mini-cheer camp” said Everett.

Everett said there are 16 members of the cheer squad at present. They are selected during tryouts each spring. She said, “It takes a lot of practice, a lot of practice. They have to have trust in each other, to know that their partner will catch them when doing some of the stunts they do.”

Practices are strenuous and Everett said practice sessions include stretching, running, and sometimes a trip to the weight room. “They definitely have to be in shape because they have to jump, lift and perform their cheers” added Everett.

Coach Everett said she lets the kids select their routines. Her role is to assure that those routines are proper for the high school setting.

Red River cheerleaders are very visible at football games. Everett says they support basketball games. Everett says basketball is more involved because there are so many more games.

You can see the Red River Cheerleaders performing through the Homecoming game on Friday night. And Everett added the invitation has gone out for cheer squad alumni to join them during the homecoming activities.

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