Exercise is Great at Any Age

RRPJ-COA Exercise-17Oct4


The Council on Aging wants to keep seniors moving. So they offer Chair Exercises and Stretches every Tuesday morning. Their exercise equipment is available every day. COA Activities Director Peggy Young told the Journal they have a group of mature adults, including some in their upper 80s and 90s that regularly attend the Tuesday chair exercise program.

The Journal visited a Tuesday morning session recently and Young got this reporter involved in the exercises too. Young said, “You can’t report on it if you haven’t taken part.” So I did.

Sitting down doesn’t mean the workout is easy. Young came up with more ways to tax your muscles than you would imagine. And I thought I was in good shape! Young said, “Our program is designed to keep elderly people moving and flexible while also building strength.”

The Journal talked with participant Shirley McMillan. She said, “I have been doing these exercises 5 to 6 years. During that time I had knee replacement surgery. Before the surgery I walked bow-legged and with a walking stick. The surgery straightened my legs. I exercise to strengthen the muscles and now I walk without assistance. I come to the Council on Aging every day and use their exercise equipment.”

Young said, “The council has some basic exercise equipment. Seniors use it every day to help strengthen their bodies and build muscles.” Young encourages all seniors in the parish to join the council’s exercise program to improve their health and keep them going strong.

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