Straight Shooters Recognized

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Five adults and five youth were recognized Sunday as the best skeet shooters at the conclusion of Straight Shooters 2017 at Fairview Baptist Church. The skeet shooting competition was held Sunday afternoon and a gala banquet was held Sunday evening.

Pastor Matt Endris described Straight Shooters as “a way to have a community wide event that is an opportunity to fellowship with people we might not see everyday. We bring them together to demonstrate their skeet shooting ability. It is also an opportunity to share the gospel with them.”

Guest speaker for the banquet was Gevan Spinney, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Haughton and President of the Louisiana Baptist Convention. He spoke on the outdoors and hunting and some of his adventures as a youngster. He then shared one of his favorite verses, John 10:9.

Spinney said, “Some people think there are many ways to get to heaven, or that there is a back door such as good works, or ways to earn your way in. In John 10:9 Jesus states ‘I am the door’ meaning He is the only way.” Spinney added, “Many people may be disappointed when they find out too late that their way is not His way.”

There were prizes presented to the adult and youth shooting champions, including camping gear, Yeti coolers, and other great prizes. And there were many door prizes awarded to guests at the banquet.

The top shooters in the adult category were:
1. Clancy Scarbrough
2. Josh Franks
3. David Beard
4. Ethan Roberts
5. Dylan Waters

Top shooters in the youth category were:
1. Brennan Edie
2. Connor Roberts
3. Jordan Nealy
4. Kate Shaw
5. Levi Endris

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