First Bulldog Broadcast in Years

RRPJ-Bulldog Report-17Sep27


It had been at least two years since local football games had been broadcast. The Journal’s new Sports division brought the broadcasts back last Friday night. Game announcers were Billy Henry, Sr. and Billy Henry, Jr. Both men are experienced coaches and play by play announcers.

Here is the story of Journal Sports’ first broadcast from Billy Henry, Sr.:

Friday night was a great game. The Red River Bulldogs travelled down south to Alexandria to go up against the ASH Trojans. This game was dubbed the Bachman Bowl. The father Head Coach of the Red River Bulldogs Coach John Bachman Sr. vs Son Head Coach of ASH Trojans Coach Thomas Bachman. Note: this is the first time Father and son are on opposite sides of the ball.

The Bulldogs fought hard and never gave up to the end of the game. This is nothing new for the Bulldogs. The Trojans dress out 100 players, and this 5A power house team simply kept moving players’ in and out thru whole game trying to wear down the Dogs. But true to form the Bulldogs fought to stay in the game.

Coach Bachman Sr. prepared the Bulldogs well and the fight was on against his son’s Trojans. The Trojans, under Coach Bachman Jr. where true to their name as they marched to victory The final score was Trojans 40 and the Bulldogs 20. Son may have beaten his father, but rest assured the Trojans have a new found respect for the Bulldogs. It is not over, this game will be replayed next year.

This coming Friday night will see the Bulldogs on the road again. They play Richland High School of Monroe. Kickoff is 7:00 pm with the broadcast of the game beginning at 6:50 pm. To listen to the game, go to or the like the Red River Parish Journal on Facebook or follow the Journal on Twitter. The game will also be broadcast on Coushatta radio station KRRP 950.

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