Depot Dinner Great Deed

By: Joshua Loftin



The Council on Aging is a government based organization established to serve the elderly. But what the Red River Parish Council on Aging is widely known for is its lunches.

From 11:00 am to 1:00 pm it feeds all elderly people from the age 60 and up. If you choose to you can come and eat and hang out with friends and enjoy a good laugh.

But, it is not just people from Red River people that come, Riba Friday, a 92 year old woman comes all the way from Campti, LA (20 miles away) even though she has a Council on Aging in her parish. Her reason, “The food is good and I have lots of friends who I love to visit and sit and eat with.”

Diane Slatten who has been going to the Council on Aging for years said “The food is great! I come 5 days a week.”

Barry Hilton a worker for the Council on Aging for 16 years said when asked about what he thinks about the Council on Aging. “I think it is a wonderful idea and a good job that they are doing on helping the elderly.” He also stated that the Council on Aging opened in the early 1970’s. He also said they usually get good turnouts on most days. “Like fish Friday averages about 160” Hilton stated that fried chicken day and beef tips and rice day is also a hit.

A well balanced and nutritious meal is served every week day for people 60 and older. The price is $3. The Council on Aging is located on Front Street in downtown Coushatta.

Editor’s Note: Joshua Loftin was The Journal’s “shadow” last Thursday. It was part of a course he is taking at Red River High School. The Journal took Loftin to lunch then assigned him to report on the feeding program run by the Council on Aging. This is his report.

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