Police Jury Ask For Tax Renewal

RRPJ-Pox Jury Tax-17Sep22

On October 14th voters will have two tax renewals on the ballot proposed by the Police Jury. The total amount of property taxes asked for is 5 mills. Police Jury Supervisor Jessie Davis said, “It is a renewal. There currently is the same tax on the books, and it was renewed back in 2008.” Property taxes are renewed every 10 years.

There is a long list of benefits the people of Red River Parish receive from the parish Health Unit. Benefits range from immunizations, family planning, birth and death records, sight and hearing services, and many additional services. The Health Unit is supported by a 2 mill local property tax. The Red River Parish Police Jury oversees their operations and funding. Your taxes pay for those services.

Also on the October 14th ballot is a renewal of the 3 mill tax for public properties. Davis explained, “Without public properties the government would be outdoors!” Public facilities include the Courthouse, Annex, Administration Building, the Airport, the Fair Grounds, Pine Belt offices, and nearby parish Highway Barn. All of these facilities are used to house various government entities.

Davis said, “These facilities are owned by the people of Red River Parish and administered by the Police Jury. Without the property tax these buildings and grounds would suffer badly.”

The total amount of tax renewals the Police Jury is asking for is 5 mills. That is 2 mills for the Health Unit and 3 mills for all other public facilities in the parish. Voters may vote early September 30th through October 7th at the Registrar of Voters office in the Courthouse. Or you may wait until election day, October 14th to cast your vote.

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