Paw Parents Meeting

By Joshua Loftin

RRPJ-PAW Meet TOP-17Sep22

September 19th the Red River Elementary Paw Parents had another meeting. Christy Suggs the secretary of Paw Parents said, “This is the biggest turnout we have ever had at these meetings.” 25-30 parents showed up to support their kid’s school. The group’s purpose is to provide financial support and organize events that the school doesn’t provide or budget for.

What the Paw Parents have provided the school with so far is but a phase of the new playground; new equipment and gaga pit. They have done numerous fundraisers including; volleyball tournament, pageant, Christmas Store, Carnival, and candy sales. This was all of last year’s accomplishments and now there is some new business to get done and new goals to be accomplish.

Projects and goals that parents want to achieve have now been addressed and one step further in the process. Their first achievement was purchasing $250 worth of books along with donating a huge sum amount. Up next on their list is to purchase a new dryer for the school. Also they’re wanting to get a stage for school activities, such as at the high school. Repairing some things in the school is a priority as well. Folding chairs, Academic and sport recognitions are a few more on their to – do list. A donation of $250 for the art program for new supplies. Drama/Music is all needing a $250 donation to help with a parent Christmas Program. At the meeting projects amounting to approximately $7,000 were approved for this school year.

Editor’s Note: Joshua is a junior at Red River High School and enrolled in the Advanced Careers Readiness course. On Thursday, September 21st he shadowed the Journal observing the activities of putting together the Friday edition. Those activities including covering news, doing interviews, writing stories, taking pictures, and polishing the final story. Look for additional stories by Joshua in coming editions.


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