Spraying is Complete at Grand Bayou



This past week contractors sprayed Grand Bayou Reservoir to combat the Sylvania growth that is choking parts of the lake. The Grand Bayou Commission heard a report at it’s meeting last week that spraying began on Monday and would wrap up last Thursday.

Resort Manager Rene’ Albright reported that some of the areas that were sprayed earlier in the week were showing signs of turning brown and dying. In the recent past state Wildlife and Fisheries workers had spot sprayed, however Albright reported that this was not sufficient to stop spread of the invasive plant. She said Wildlife and Fisheries would follow up and make another evaluation of the lake in the near future. She added spot spraying would be used to provide future control of Sylvania.

Several members of the commission spoke about public misunderstanding surrounding effective means of controlling the growth. One suggestion that had been made was to draw down the lake. Resort Manager Albright said, “There has to be vegetation over 40% of the lake before a draw down would be considered.” She added it is understandable that homeowners are frustrated, adding “when you purchase a home on a beautiful lake you don’t want your waterfront and dock blocked with vegetation.

Commission member Dallas Bryant suggested using booms along the bridge on Esparanza Road to block Sylvania from coming into the lake. Bryant said, “We could spray it from the bridge and kill it before it gets into the upper part of the lake.”

And commissioners cautioned that work to control the weed could be undone by heavy rains that would wash more Sylvania in from other areas and start the cycle all over again.

The Grand Bayou Commission meets at 4:00 pm on the second Thursday of each month. Their next meeting is October 12th. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

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