Accolades for a Job Well Done

Doing the job, plus a whole lot more, gets recognition for two employees of the Red River Parish School Board’s Central Office. At the board meeting this month Superintendent Alison Hughes congratulated Deborah Webb and Karen Moseley for outstanding performance.

Hughes said, “These two ladies in this office do more things than I can congratulate them for. I don’t know what we would do without either of them. I am so thankful for both Karen and Deborah.” Hughes added, “We have highlighted many folks over the months, but I want to tell these two ladies that I really appreciate all they do, that they go above and beyond what is required in their jobs every day.”

Also at the board meeting on September 11th, Sherry Pickett was recognized as employee of the month. Pickett teaches 4th and 5th grade science at Red River Elementary. Her principal Shenell Deville nominated Pickett.

The nomination statement said, “With no doubt, she is dedicated to her students, the school and leadership team. Visiting her classroom is never a dull moment; her students are always actively engaged and she challenges them to think out of the box.”

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