Let the Dogs Out

RRPJ-Dogs Out-17Sep15

Deer season is quickly approaching and many deer hunters enjoy the sport while providing food for their families. But hunters have been prevented from hunting deer with dogs in national forests in our area.

On Wednesday, the House Natural Resources Committee adopted Rep. Mike Johnson’s (LA-04) amendment to H.R. 3668, the SHARE Act, to allow deer hunters to hunt with their dogs in the Kisatchie National Forest located in Louisiana’s Fourth District.

Representative Johnson released the following statement: “Hunting is not only a sport enjoyed by men and women all across Louisiana, it is a way of life. We are, after all, the Sportsman’s Paradise. Hunting with dogs, specifically, is an American tradition that dates all the way back to colonial times. The use of dogs to hunt animals other than deer is already allowed in the Kisatchie National Forest, and there is no reason the federal government should be denying this ability to one segment of hunters. Our state wildlife agencies can manage these issues better than Washington.”

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