Are You a Writer Hoping to Get Published?

RRPJ-Getting Published-17Sep15


That headline sounds like an ad for a publishing company you might see late at night. But it’s not. That is the gist of a seminar held at the Red River Parish Library on Tuesday night.

Author, musician and educator Danny Von Kanel conducted a seminar on “Get Published.” Kanel is from this area and teaches music at L.P. Vaughn Elementary in Natchitoches. The very interesting presentation covered his journey to getting his articles and books in print. Nine participants took notes, asked good questions, and absorbed Kanel’s story.

Kanel explained that a terrific first impression is needed when contacting a publisher. He said a quality query letter is required to get you in the door. And it is not the whole letter, but the first paragraph that will get you noticed.

He said the good news is, “There are more ways than ever to publish. The Internet has opened up many new ways and there are more tools to aid the writer than every before.” Kanel went on to say the bad news is “with the explosion of the Internet there are fewer hard copy publications and many publishers have gone out of business.”

Quality is needed today more than ever. Kanel explained, “There is too much out there that tears people down. You need to build up people with your writing. I think God will bless you with your writing that uplifts people.” He encouraged the participants to continue writing, saying doors would open up.

Perseverance is key. Kanel admitted, “I’m not the greatest writer but I am hard working. Anyone can get published if you want to bad enough!”

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