New Dress and Conduct Rules in Effect

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There are new rules of conduct and dress for everyone attending Red River High School athletic events. The first event will be Red River’s Football game Friday night at home. Arcadia High is coming to play at 7:00 PM.

High School Principal J.C. Dickey said the new rules would be posted at all athletic events. He said they are also being sent to all teams coming to Coushatta to play and to the Sheriff’s Office.

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2 thoughts on “New Dress and Conduct Rules in Effect

  1. When I attended school in RRP and on into college we had dress codes to which we were required to adhere or we were ejected from school property. Throughout life one will have to meet certain minimum standards of all kinds, at work, at school, health care. Learning to meet standards should begin early in school and at school activities. Parents should be setting an example, not complaining when they, themselves, are not meeting dress standards for school events

  2. Just watch how the ticket sales drop. I understand sagging but holes in jeans??? Not everyone dresses like a country hick and how dare they try to take individuality away from people. I’m 42 and I have jeans with holes “above the knee”. I’ll just give the opossing team my money since they aren’t so petty like Red River.

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