The Guard is On Duty

RRPJ_Guard is on Duty-17Aug30


Units of the Louisiana National Guard across the state are on duty, ready to be deployed for rescue or other work as Hurricane Harvey moves through. The local guard unit is involved in the preparations.

Commander of C-Troop of the 108th Cav said their troops are on State Active Duty Status. Captain Chad Ford reviewed work being done in the unit motor pool to assure that all vehicles are fueled and mechanically ready. Ford pointed out for The Journal “high wheeled vehicles that can go through flood water. There is a bus and other vehicles to transport personnel.”

While they await further orders, Captain Ford says they are brushing up on operation of inflatable boats that the unit will be taking with them. Ford said, “If the weather holds we would like to take the boats out to Grand Bayou and practice operation of our watercraft.”

“Task Force Coushatta,” said Ford “is on standby, ready to execute assigned missions as we are needed to support civil authorities.”


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