Flag Football at Open Door

RRPJ-ODF Football TOP-17Aug25

Open Door Fellowship is now registering children for their 4th season of flag football. Lauri Lowring told The Journal, “Registration is open until September 8th. It is an online registration process. The link below will take you to the registration portal.

Lowring added “ODF Sports aim to encourage students to build their skills, speed, and strength, so they can compete at the next level. They’re designed to introduce young athletes to the game while providing a safe environment to grow in the sport. We believe strongly in teaching sportsmanship and character as fundamentals of life. Jesus was the ultimate team player! ODF shares the Gospel of Christ to children and their families through sports. If you have any question, call the church at 318-932-6267.”

RRPJ-ODF Football BOTTOM-17Aug25

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