School Accountability is Changing

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The standards for education in Louisiana are getting tougher. School Superintendent Alison Hughes says they will be even tougher in future years. She added that the parish would be ready to meet them.

If you are familiar with how schools are graded now, Hughes said that the grading system will restructure it’s requirements for determining if a school gets an “A” or a “D.” Hughes said there would be less credit given for mastering basic.

Hughes said, “We must keep a laser focus to show growth every year.” She outlined a plan of “purposeful planning with assessment in mind, a laser focus on curriculum, and increasing professional practices for all employees.” Hughes added, “There will be close tracking of each student’s progress. We’ll keep a close watch and know what is happening with each kid.”

Hughes summed up her remarks, “Basically I wanted to tell you we know where we are at and where we have to go. The bar is raising and we are putting ourselves in a posture that we can make incremental growth throughout the year.”

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