Eclipse Educates and Enthralls

RRPJ Eclipse 2017


Right on time, the Moon moved between the Earth and the Sun on Monday afternoon. Coushatta was included in the spectacular show. Students at Red River High and Junior High filed out into the courtyard to take it all in.

Principal Mike Peter of the Junior High furnished his students with a goodie bag containing sun viewing glasses, a Moon Pie, Sunny D, Sun Chips…(you get the idea). The goodies were packed by two hard working members of the WOW, Brenda Jones and C’Ann Norman.

The use of a pinhole to project the sun’s image on a piece of paper was demonstrated. And several students brought welder’s helmets to view the eclipse. As you can tell from the photos accompanying this story, a great time was had by all.

The photo of the eclipse was taken about half way through the event, when the clouds parted to let the sun shine through. The photo is compliments of Dominique Burton, a senior at Red River High.

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