Best Hunter is a Deceiver

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A packed house Tuesday night listened intently as legendary outdoorsman Dr. Jimmy Sites talked about his adventures in life as a hunter. Sites was invited to Coushatta by the men’s group of First Baptist Church to be the featured speaker at their annual dinner. People responded by filling the churches gymnasium.

He is an outdoorsman, star of his own outdoor TV show, and author. Sites said, “The better hunter and fisherman you are the better deceiver you are. You deceive the fish into thinking he has something good to eat ‘till you set the hook.” There were other stories of stalking an elk and a wolf and his encounter with others in the great outdoors.

Sites’ talk was entertaining and inspirational. Sites took situations very familiar to most of the 450 people in attendance and used them to illustrate his spiritual story. Sites has earned the reputation of a great hunter and outdoorsman. But he said, “Who ever came up with the idea that the world’s biggest hunter wears a red suit with pointed ears and a pitchfork? That’s crazy! Satan is the deceiver and he never lets the prey, that is you and me, know that he is stalking you.”

To illustrate his points, Dr. Sites said the morals of the country are on a fast track downward. He said, “Morals in the church are worse off today than 20 years ago. To correct this we have to start at home.” Sites addressed the men in attendance, urging them to stand up and take the leadership role in their families. Then spread it to the grandchildren, neighbors in town, then around the world.

The parking lot was filled with cars. There were long lines to get in to hear Dr. Sites, to enjoy a delicious catered meal, and maybe win a four-wheeler or one of many door prizes. Talking with people afterwards the Journal heard that some were inspired, some had their appetites satisfied, and others were inspired by the evening. Everyone said they are looking forward to next year.

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