Abuse May Lead to Loss of Park Access

RRPJ-Park Misuse-17Aug11


Should the Red River Parish Police Jury shut down Springville Park due to misuse? Police jury Vice President Ben Taylor raised the question at the police jury meeting on Monday night. It was set up to rent the pavilion for a fee for people wanting to hold events at the park.

According to Taylor, “People are using the facility and the electricity there but not paying the required rental fees. There is damage being done to the pavilion and restrooms.” He said the park might have to be locked to prevent vandalism.

Taylor noted that the park was built in part by volunteer labor from families that live in Springville. He said, “The problem is people want to hold parties there and use the pavilion whether they pay or not. The power to the pavilion can be shut off but there is still access to water and electricity in the park, but outside the pavilion.”

One solution under discussion would be to cut off all electricity and water to the Springville Park. Police juror William Brown suggested working out a way to make the utilities available only to people who pay the rental for the pavilion. He asked, “Is there pavilion rentals sufficient to support the park?” Juror Taylor replied, “Probably not.”

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