New Teachers and New Faces

By Renee’ Hester

RRPJ-New Teacher Orientation-17Aug9

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 was a very important day for fourteen teachers in Red River Parish. For some, it was their very first day of their very first teaching assignment. For others, it was a new teaching experience in a new school district. Finally, for a select, experienced group, it was an opportunity to share their expertise as they all gathered at the Red River Parish Parent Center for two days of training and preparation for the 2017-2018 school year.

As teachers arrived they were greeted by the administrative staff of Red River Parish. Mrs. Alison Hughes welcomed each one and conveyed her expectations for the upcoming year. Red River Instructional Coaches Alvester Barfield, Cassandra Turner, Deborah Babers, and Christi Suggs presented resourceful informational sessions throughout the professional development.

Mentors Ellie Drew, Rachel Urda, Kenyotta Williams, Darlene Martin and Samantha Sullivan provided additional professional development on educational strategies and current technology trends for teachers. Renee’ Hester and Karen Squires provided meaningful data on Google Classroom and the many realities of the school day. Teachers were treated to breakfast and lunch as well as presentations by the Association of Professional Educators of Louisiana (A+Pel), Louisiana Association of Educators (LAE) and Red River United.

On day two of the new teacher induction, teachers were divided into two
groups to participate in a city-wide scavenger hunt. If you encountered the white Red River Parish expeditions on Wednesday, August 2, you might have assumed they had been car-jacked, but it was just the rookie teachers. They roamed all around the community familiarizing themselves with each of the schools, the parish library, and other places of significance in our beloved town. In the end, everyone met up at the York Chop Restaurant for a delicious lunch that was graciously sponsored by Stuart Shaw, Red River Parish Clerk of Court and Quality Ford, Inc.
Meet the new teachers

These are the new Red River Parish teachers with the facilitators of the Professional
Development initiatives provided with assistance of the TIF (Teacher Incentive Funds) Grant. Front row from left to right: Shanica Keith, Peggy Key, Debbie Guidry, Roshawnda Taylor, Deborah Johnson, Caroline Doughty, Zachary Price, and Renee’ Hester (TIF Lead). Second row from left to right: Karen Squires (Director of Student Learning) Lawrence Bunton, Tiara Reynolds, Macie Wood, Dustie Gibson, Jesseca Tomerlin, John Bachman, Sr., and Josh Alexander.

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