Tears and Laughter at Memorial Service


Friends and family members, teachers and classmates came to Open Door Fellowship Tuesday afternoon to celebrate the life of Rachelle Renee Barnett. They heard her described as friendly, funny, outgoing, and a person who never met a stranger.

One of her teachers, Sheila Peter said Rachelle always help others. “Sometimes she did not get her own school work done because she was helping another student with their homework” said Peter. She stood with Rachelle’s best friend Lacy Ross who was too overcome with emotion to speak.

Doris Lawson described herself as Rachelle’s “adopted grandmother” said she never complained. She recalled Rachelle being cramped and warm in the back seat of Lawrence’s small car. She never complained, but she was looking forward to learning to drive that small car.

Open Door’s Youth Pastor, JP Handy, gave words of comfort and of hope. He said, “In this difficult time there is joy in knowing who Rachelle was as a person.” Handy says he had counseled with Rachelle and she had given her life to Christ.

Following the memorial service friends greeted members of the family. They exchanged cherished memories of Rachelle Renee Barnett.

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