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Here are a couple of thousand words and smells and great tastes told by two pictures. And they come with a warning.

First there is a picture of tantalizing fresh veggies selected a couple of days ago from Anderson’s Produce Stand on Highway 174. There are just picked yellow squash, red and yellow onions, sweet red, yellow and gold peppers, a bright green bell pepper, and some new potatoes.

Do a little chopping. Sprinkle on some olive oil and spices. Give it a few minutes in the broiler. You have the “after” photo. The delicious meal awaits!

There are so many fresh fruits and vegetables waiting for you at Anderson’s Produce we cannot list them all here. Not shown, but just as good are the beans and peas, snap beans, watermelons and on and on.

About that warning. Hot weather is upon us and that means the growing season is coming to an end. Anderson Produce has announced their final day will be Saturday, July 29th.

Farmer Jason Anderson said, “It has been a great growing season despite some strange weather in early spring. The veggies are plentiful and delicious, but only for a few more days.”

So come to the farm today. Anderson’s Produce and Plant Farm is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday through July 29th. Call them at 932-1432. Anderson’s is located half way between I-49 and LA 1 on Highway 174.

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