Help Elementary School Technology Grant Meet its Goal

RRPJ-Technology Grant-17Jul14

Kindergarten teacher Hanna Kennedy wants her kids to have more opportunities to learn. She envisions them Turning to Technology! Kennedy said “My students need reliable technology that can assist in their learning to read, write, problem solve.” To do that, she is asking help in purchasing four Amazon Fire tablets for her class.

Total cost of the project is $429.00 Kennedy has launched an online site to seek donations. She is almost there, raising $339.00 so far. She needs $90.00 more to reach the goal.

On the site, Kennedy said, “Technology is such a HUGE part of our growing society! With tablets, my students will be able to search beyond our classroom walls into a world full of education! The tablets will be loaded with Math, English, Science, and Social Study games. They will combine education with education.”

Kennedy told the Journal this is her first request for such funding. However other kindergarten teachers have been funded for classroom projects using the same or a similar method.

“These tablets will be a new way see what the children know, document how they grow, and display what they have learned!” said Kennedy. The students will show their appreciation by supplying donors with pictures and thank you cards they make in class.

Get details and make a donation at the RRES Paw Parents Facebook page. Click the picture to take you to the website where you can make a donation.

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