“I Don’t Know”

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All Harvey Rabbit had to say was “I don’t know” when asked questions by Mr. Tim. Harvey and friends starred at the Red River Parish Library’s Monday session of their summer reading program. Soon the uncooperative rabbit had the children who lined the floor joining in his chant. The program theme is “Build a Better World.” And before the day was over, Harvey had the crowd of children cheering, “Build a Better World” in unison.

Mr. Tim and Miss Laura entertained about 65 children and a standing-room-only crowd of parents for over an hour Monday afternoon. The program featured several magic tricks performed by Mr. Tim and conversations with Harvey Rabbit, T-Boy the Alligator and Cecil the Orangutan (who are all hand puppets) operated by Miss Laura the ventriloquist. There was singing, and dancing, and a lot of good humored foolishness all to the delight of the kids who participated.

Children’s Librarian Kayla Sims awarded T-Shirts, books and other prizes to several of the children in attendance. Sims says the crowds taking part this summer are larger than in past years. However, there is room for your children also. The program is free to children of all ages. Come to the library Mondays at 2:00 pm. Or call the library at 932-5614 for more information.

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