ETC…for June 30th


The United States won its freedom in conflict. Citizen soldiers grabbed their muzzleloaders and fought the British in the 1700s. And since then citizens have answered the call to duty over and over and over. Millions have served. Many did not return.

As the Marines Hymn goes “From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli” and all around the world American soldiers have fought for this country. In the end, always victorious.

Our enemies have tried to defeat us on our own soil, at Bunker Hill, Fort Ticonderoga, and the Chalmette Battlefield south of New Orleans. They could not conquer the American Soldier on Iwo Jima, at Pearl Harbor, Khe Sanh, Da Nang, or Kandahar and Baghdad.

We fought each other at Fort Sumpter, Bull Run, Gettysburg and Mansfield. Through the dark days of the Civil War and Reconstruction the United States survived.

With Americas’ resolve our enemies will not get the upper hand on land or sea, in space or cyberspace. With men and women willing to put on the uniform our future will be secure.

Take a few moments during your Independence Day celebrations and remember those who helped win our freedoms. The names of Red River Parish residents who answered the call and did not return are on a large plaque in the hall of the Courthouse. Go take a look and say a prayer of thanks. And teach your children of your great heritage so they may celebrate many more Fourths of July.

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