Story Teller Makes Zombie Socks Come Alive

RRPJ-Sock TOP2-17Jun23


Children’s author Jasper Price and his assistant Angie Cason discovered and defeated zombies at the library on Monday afternoon. It was all part of the Red River Parish Library’s summer reading program. Forty children and almost that many adults crowded into the meeting room for an afternoon of fun.

Angie Cason presented Price’s book Zombie Asockalypse to those gathered around. Then Price came in to fight the zombie socks that were trying to take over the library. Not to give away the plot, but zombie socks are the kids’ stinky ones that hide under beds and in cluttered closets.

Price explained to the youngsters that his inspiration came a number of years ago. He said, “NPR had a Rotten Sneaker Contest. Thinking of what happens to all those stinky socks inspired me. They become zombie socks.”

The process of developing the story, then illustrating it was explained. Price said, “I took about 6 weeks to write the words. Then I made a lot of little drawings to figure out which illustrations would go into the book.” Price added it took eight months to finalize and color the drawings.

The highlight of the afternoon was the construction of zombie socks. Each child present was given a new, white sock and a bunch of markers. They decorated their socks and many wore them home on their feet or hands. At the top of this story is Sam Weaver modeling his zombie sock. At the request of parents the Journal is including several of the photos from the event.

As Price was concluding his presentation he gave a preview of his next children’s book. He said, “I am working on a middle grade adventure. I can tell you it involves a lot of pizza and a lot of bugs. But I can’t tell you any more than that.”

Next Monday the library’s “Build A Better World” summer reading program presents Harvey Rabbit and Friends. Featured in the program are Mr. Tim, Ms. Laura with Harvey Rabbit, Cecil the monkey, and T-boy the alligator. Harvey and his friends will let you know what they’ve been up to since last summer. The presentation is Monday June 26th at 2:00 pm.

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