Children Are Not the Only Ones Enjoying Bible School

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For three days this week, residents of Green Meadow Haven are enjoying Vacation Bible School. It is just like when they were children.

This version of VBS has been organized for the past 8 years by Sharon Adkins who lives south of Coushatta and attends Crossroads United Methodist Church. Adkins is quick to say it’s not her, but the dozens of volunteers who help make the annual event possible.

The Journal went on Thursday to observe. I arrived in time for coffee and homemade brownies, chocolate chip cookies and teacakes. From 20 to 40 residents took part in some of the day’s activities and all enjoyed the treats prepared by ladies from Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church.

After eating came singing and rejoicing. Ginny Hines played the piano, Kathryn Adkins played guitar and everyone joined in in their own key on old time hymns like Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, Count Your Many Blessings and many others.

Sharon Adkins presented one of her favorite Bible stories from John Chapter 12. It is the story of Jesus going to visit Lazarus, Mary and Martha. Adkins used he story to illustrate that everyone has different talents, and all talents can be used to serve others and to serve Jesus.

After story time came arts and crafts. The volunteers from First Baptist Church, First Methodist Church and the Sewing House brought kits to construct wall hangings or bookmarks that displayed the Lord’s Prayer. There is a picture accompanying this article of Grace Adams holding up her creation.

VBS at Green Meadow Haven started on Wednesday with cookies and treats furnished by Davis Springs Southern Methodist Church. Leigh Adkins presented the Bible story on Wednesday. VBS concludes Friday with another Bible story from Sharon Adkins, a lot more singing with a request for This Little Light of Mine, and snacks from Crossroads United Methodist Church.

At the end of the day the Journal noticed nothing but smiles on the faces of the residents who participated. The warmth spread to staff and volunteers alike as all the supplies and leftover cookies were gathered up and put away for another day.

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