Coach McConathy Talks About Struggles

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Northwestern State University Men’s Basketball Coach Mike McConathy spoke to the Red River Crusade Wednesday night. It was “Youth Night” and McConathy spoke to the young people about hope in the midst of difficult struggles.

McConathy reflected on over 38 years of playing and coaching basketball. And he told of his struggle when he was cut by the Chicago Bulls at about age 21. “It was gut wrenching to loose something that important to me,” said McConathy.

How did he cope? McConathy said “I had my faith. I was raised in a Christian home, yet the struggle I went through was very difficult.”

The coach told of some of the great players he has coached who suffered season-ending injuries. McConathy said “the struggles in life are so much better when we know God and put everything on Him. When non-believers struggle it is because they can’t identify with Christ dying for us.”

Speaking to the youth and others gathered for the Wednesday night Red River Crusade session, Coach McConathy said “Look at yourself each day, confess your sins, and give thanks for the opportunity offered for salvation.” He advised to never take lightly the gift Christ has given and said “there is no way to repay for that gift.”

The Red River Crusade continues through Saturday May 27th. Services are held at the parish fairgrounds. A meal will be served at 5:30 and the service begins at 6:30.

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