Give Credit to the Weather?

The tomato crop is abundant this spring at Anderson’s Produce and Plant Farm on Highway 174. Farmer Jason Anderson says this years weather had a lot to do with it.

Anderson said, “Tomato varieties have changed so much in recent years. Your conventional older varieties seem to hold a better taste and have GREAT acid flavor. Newer varieties are bred to hold longer, better shelf life but don’t taste as well. So we stick with what’s older and tasty, and that keeps customers coming back.”

Tomatoes aren’t the only thing the weather had an effect on. Anderson said, “It has been odd, least to say, no cold, therefore no peach crop.” He added, “Trees require a certain amount of cold hours below a certain temperature. They did not receive it, therefore they didn’t know to “wake up” and produce.”

For every negative there is a positive. Anderson said, “On the other hand, the warm spring allowed our other vegetable crops to produce more and earlier.” Yes, it is the weather that has produced a great crop this year of most vegetables.

Come see for yourself. Anderson’s Produce and Plant Farm is now open. They are located on Highway 174 halfway between I-49 and LA 1.

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