They Bring Home the Pizza

RRPJ-Pizza TOP-17May19
If someone comes calling from the Sheriff’s Office, it just might be lunch! C’Ann Norman works for senior citizens in the parish through one of the Sheriff Department’s programs. She gets help from Mary Evelyn Jowers of First Methodist Church in making deliveries every Thursday.

Jowers said, “We never know in advance what we will be getting, so we take it out as far as it will go.” Pizza, wings, breadsticks and other items come from the Pizza Hut in Coushatta. They donate the orders that are phoned in but never picked up.

Norman says she enjoys getting out and meeting the people. Shown in pictures with this article are bread sticks taken to Katherine Wallace, a local newspaper columnist. She has been in the hospital recently and Norman told the Journal “she said bring me some pizza to the hospital. So we did.”

The other folks getting pizza are Tommy “Pan-Am” Horton and his wife Azalee. Mary Evelyn Jowers isn’t in any of the pictures because she operates the camera. And she said, “And that’s the way I like it!”

RRPJ-Pizza BOTTOM-17May19

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