ETC…May 19th

The school year is ending but the learning never stops. Red River Parish summer school will be held at Red River Elementary this year. Dates are May 30th through June 29th.

I heard from Joe Taylor the other day. There was a feud in Red River Parish akin to the famous Hatfields and McCoys. And it was just as deadly. Joe brings you the story next week in the Red River Parish Journal. So tell your friends to go to our website ( and subscribe.

Camps for gifted and talented students in the parish will be held mid to late June. The Camp dates are June 19th through 29th. The Gifted and Talented Camp will also be held at Red River Elementary School.

Occasionally, we come across a picture that just has to be shared. Here are the Kindergarten graduates from Riverdale Academy. Mrs. Betty got the boys and girls dressed up in their Sunday best for their graduation photo. Way to go kids.

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